Choose your destiny

Take tabletop gaming to an epic new level where strategy, fortune and  nerve are the keys to victory. Assume the role of protector, ruler or enigma and test your powers and morality in the battle for Planet Fulcrum.



Honest, noble and fair. They play the role of our protector, guarding against those who seek to corrupt our realm. Desiring liberty and harmony and believing that through us the promotion of these values will resonate throughout our universe.


Ambiguous, enigmatic and alone. They care not for the baubles and accolades which accompany victory, Nomads live only for the glory of battle. The freedom of solitude is favoured and companionship does not come easy, but can come at a price.


Savage, ruthless and cruel. They lust for the supreme power of Planet Fulcrum and believe that in gaining it they will hold our entire universe in their grasp. Only the strongest rule and will stop at nothing to do so, subjugating the weakest of their number to nourish their will to power.